[development] ugly ?page=1 from theme_pager()

Dmitry Gukov dgukov at gmail.com
Sun May 21 20:05:31 UTC 2006

Hi Rob,

Yes, it's my custom module, but actually it's just theme_table() with
theme_pager() (if you want, here's the page
http://alongtail.com/advice/content-movie?page=1). So, all I need is
to make my own pager?

Then, the problem is, that callbacks can't have wildcards, right? (or
they can?) Or, may be I can try using something like hook_init() to
read $page value from q and change q back from
'advice/content-movie/page/1' to 'advice/content-movie'
before callbacks are executed? What do you think?

Anyway, thanks. It's clearer now.


> The first part of your path, "mylisting", is actually part of the q 
> parameter... q=mylisting. This gets hidden with the rewrite rules in
> .htaccess. If you wanted page=1 to go away, you'd have to add them to
> the q param as well, q=mylisting/page/1. The module that does the work
> for the mylisting callback would have to implement its own paging system
> that bypasses the built in Drupal pager. What module does handle 
> mylisting? Something you wrote?

> Cheers,
> Robert

> Dmitry Gukov wrote:
>> Hello, all
>> Calling theme_pager results in www.mysite.com/mylisting/?page=1
>> addition to the url. How is  it possible to make it like this:
>> www.mysite.com/mylisting/page/1 ?
>> Please - any ideas or just "right directions" :)
>> I use Drupal 4.7rc3 and pathauto
>> -- Dmitry

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