[development] Human readable taxonomy URLs

Dries Buytaert dries.buytaert at gmail.com
Wed May 24 07:50:23 UTC 2006

On 23 May 2006, at 23:36, Neil Drumm wrote:
>> I think it could potentially benefit from better URL alias   
>> integration.  Like, on the 'list terms' page (administration   
>> section), it would be very convenient if you could add/edit/ 
>> maintain  your term's URL aliases in batch mode.  It sounds like a  
>> much more  interesting feature than say, the synonym terms support  
>> or the  related terms support.
> From the rel-tag spec (http://microformats.org/wiki/rel-tag):
> "Tags are embedded in HTTP URIs in a well-defined manner so that  
> the tag embedded in an HTTP URI can be mechanically extracted from  
> that URI. Specifically, the last segment of the path portion of the  
> URI (after the final "/" character) contains the tag value."
> In the world of Microformats there is only one url segment after  
> the / which properly encodes a tag/category/keyword/term/etc;  
> adding a textfield to control that wouldn't be too useful since  
> there is only one option for compliance with this spec.
> I would like to see core have this without the addition of any UI,  
> probably using the approach laid out in http://drupal.org/node/ 
> 63635 for nodes on the code side. The URLs can be '.../{vocabulary} 
> (/{parent category})*/{category}'.
> And since we are coding Drupal here, might as well throw in an API  
> for a pathauto-like module to go and change everything up. A module  
> could Form API in a text field for manual editing if someone wants  
> that.
> (A system to manage redirects would be nice so URLs get redirects  
> as they are changed.)

Thanks for the additional research.  I agree that Drupal's current  
behavior should be "fixed".  Looks important if we want to stay  
competitive in terms of SEOs.

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