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Nick Stone nick.stone at SnowValley.com
Thu May 25 12:50:59 UTC 2006

I am not quite sure of the whole list protocol stuff so I have been
posting to the following:
I have worked up a provisional database.mssql.inc and made a
database.mssql file to set up the database. I have a number of issues
the most difficult of which is the query that is designed to add results
to a temporary table for later use on the page. At present MS SQL
doesn't support CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE - I'm not sure if this is SQL2003
compliant but either way it isn't available in the same manor. I have
posted some thoughts on alternate solutions:
I would appreciate people's thoughts. Also if somebody could point me to
the location where code is submitted that would be useful as it would
allow me to put up what's been completed.


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		I'm interested in resuming support for MS SQL Server. 

	The reason given was that a recent decision was
	made that Drupal stuff wouldn't concern itself with
	commercial software.

I, too, am interested in support for MS SQL Server.  Many small
businesses I deal with have online stores integrated through SQL Server
to Win32 store-front POS applications.  Centralization of their
databases is important, plus it would give credence to some who scoff at
open source solutions.

I have both Linux and Windows server environments and would be happy to
help develop and/or test this database support as time allows.

David Cornelius

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