[development] Notes From Worldwide Developer Conference

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Thu May 25 22:03:51 UTC 2006

I signed in for a few minutes but then my system started nagging about sound 
stuff and crap like that. So I decided to kill skype for the evening.... 

some initial remarks:

Op donderdag 25 mei 2006 22:06, schreef Khalid B:
> - Better File/Image Handling
> Upload module needs improvements.
> File handling

Image handling and file handling are NOT two in one. We have perfect, simple 
solutions in contribs and even in various patches for core to handle images. 

Fixing the file system should NOT hold us from another release with no image 
support, Folks, this is 2006, where images are almost to be considered passé, 
yet Drupal has nothing, absolutely nothing wrt images. This is unacceptable.

> - Default theme in core
> Bluemarine has served its purpose, but need something less boring.

Why not two? One for the eye and one for the fingers? Box_grey is IMO still 
the best one for developing (fingers) your own theme. While goodlookers are 
nearly always very hard to customise. Two new themes? Or even: Two themes and 
the rest out? With the goodlooker being the default and the development theme 
idling for those who wnat to explore the realms of Drupal Theming?

> - Internationalization
> Translating Drupal into different languages, and countries/regions that
> are bi/multilingual (Europe, Canada, ...etc.)

Drupal should commit to a release (5.0) with multilinguality, else this is 
never ever going to happen. I know we dont do roadmaps. But the result of not 
doing roadmaps is amongs others that we still have nothing Really Solid and 
Working in core for more languanges. Again: this is 2006 ... blablabla ... 
This is unacceptable. four years with only one i18n that needed patching and 
solved only a subset of all the possible i18n needs. This is even mor 
unacceptable if you think about the place where Drupal was bor: Belgium, one 
of the countries that are multilingual all trough their bones. ;)

> - Image modules are popular downloads
DOH! (sorry, but this almost makes me cry :) )

And I put this forward before: The fact that *all* image modules are so high 
up, indicates IMO that none of them are really what people need (no, this one 
is bad too, lets download the next one in the list...)

> Konstantin Kaefer gave an overview of his project: Drupal administration
> improvement.

Will this make it into some post/mail/proposal/wiki or whatever? Because I 
beleive the -one but- most important (images being the first) end-user 
improvement that needs to be taken care of, 
If we wish to continue in the end-user-market, with Drupal, we need a good 
admin interface. Even if this means going back to the admin-theme concept. 
The current way, where half of the themes make administration completely 
impossible, where stuff is ordered historical above everything else, is, 
again, unnacceptible in 2006.

And I hear some of you think: talk talk talk, where are the patches? well go 
look, all these points have patches, all of them somehow refused or 

Regards Bèr Kessels

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