[development] nodeapi settings confusion with arrays

Nick Wilson nick at communicontent.com
Sun May 28 12:37:49 UTC 2006

Hi everyone, 

im having a spot of bother working out how to retrieve (or quite
possibly set) an array in the 'settings' part of hook_nodeapi()

--- code ---

    case "settings":
      $form .= form_checkboxes('Paranoia', 'paranoia_settings',
      array(variable_get('paranoia_settings', array('robots'))),
      array('robots' => 'Visible to robots?'));

      return = array('Paranoia' => $form);

--- code ---

It's enirely possible that my problem has more todo with doing the
settings code wrongly, but im i want to do is this:

*   add an extra set of checkboxes (one for now) to set some vars that
    can be retrieved later. 

and the specific problem i'm having is this:

*   i can't seem to use variable_get() to get the value of the varialbe
    i've set to use for the default_value part of form_checkboxes - ie.
    if there is a value set for the array the checkbox should be ticked,
    if not, then not. 

Can someone please help me get back on track?

many thanks..
Nick Wilson

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