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Jonathan Lambert j at firebright.com
Tue May 30 06:13:47 UTC 2006

On 5/29/06 11:02 PM, "Jonathan Lambert" <j at firebright.com> wrote:

>> Which is why upgrading is costly. When you've tweaked things in 20, 30, 50
>> heres and theres, writing over them for the next decimal upgrade becomes
>> prohibitive. It's time and money gone completely out of the window. 
>>> >From a consultant's perspective this is great because it ensures you're
>>> gonna get paid for a while. Form the point of view of a small publisher, the
>>> problem is terrible. 
> Liza et al:
> I really can¹t bear to let this thread go on any longer.  I know what Laura is
> getting at, and she is absolutely spot on in that thread.  But, I disagree
> with you about the severity of the problem of unsupported older versions.

Sorry to reply to my own post, but a couple more points:

* I strongly do not want to see fragmentation in the user community around
version releases.  I like you guys.  I want you to keep on for the duration.
* I really strongly encourage anyone on the 4.5 code base or similar to
upgrade as soon as possible.  I have seen what happens when you don¹t.  I¹ve
listened to a lot of arguments from people using an older platform (it¹s
almost always those who are on the platform that make the argument), but I
can tell you it¹s in your best interest, and your customer¹s best interest,
to keep up with current releases, and fix/rebuild anything build on old
releases as opposed to trying to protect the investment ­ it¹s definitely a
false safety.

My comments are said from the most good natured perspective I can muster ­ I
don¹t want to see user community fragmentation, and sure would like to never
see anything screwed customer on an Open Source platform.  It really burns
me as a business owner when a fellow business owner is in a bad situation,
and I¹ve seen too many cases where someone stopped at a release (for
whatever reason) and almost universally the customer ended up screwed!

Know that I provide these comments with only the best interest of the
end-users in mind.  I¹m not intending to flame anyone in particular.   That
point is the reason for my post back.

My 2c.

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