[development] CVS and binary files

Maciek Perlinski maciej.perlinski at meant4.com
Wed Nov 1 13:05:17 UTC 2006

Hello everyone, i was reading this mailing list for longer, and i decided
that we ll start publishing our contribution via Drupal cvs. So the first
thing we have published is Google Ajax Search Module, the only question of
mine and I couldn't find the info about is how do I commit binary files, I m
committing for example images/clear.gif and setting up the branch to
DRUPAL-4-7 and the po/translation.pot and it never got included in tgz
generated by cron on Drupal org. Can anyone point me the source where I can
read or give me a hint how to solve this problem, because I m receiving now
requests from people and we have fixed them already but I cannot commit it
in a proper way I guess. 

Thanks guys.

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Hi to every:
>From where I can download this Beta?
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> Hello world,
> we just released beta 1 of Drupal 5.0.  We'll roll a release
> candidate when all critical bugs have been fixed.  When it takes too
> long to fix those, we'll roll a beta 2 in a couple of weeks.
> This is quite exciting so great work, folks!  Rock on. :-)
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