[development] Multiple drop-down boxes for 1 category

inkfree press inkfree at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 15:41:21 UTC 2006

"Jeremy Epstein" wrote:

> See the instructions on how to use the category module with activeselect:
> http://category.greenash.net.au/node/120

Well, the info is pretty sparse, and that very page has user questions
pending since August, 2006. (The last post, in fact, was in August.)

It would be a good idea, I think, to either remove those user posts at your
site or to reply to them.  As it is, from reading the material at the URL
you provided, it looks like this thing is just floating dead in the water.

The 'activeselect' via AJAX (as opposed to plain old-fashioned Ecma script)
is pretty cool, but there seem to be some conflict issues to work out for
4.7.  (Based on user posts at the above site, that is.)  Are these things
worked out?


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