[development] Duplicate entry

Steven Peck speck at blkmtn.org
Tue Nov 7 07:13:05 UTC 2006

You should post it to the /troubleshooting-faq on drupal.org certainly.
Anything that can reduce repetitive questions is encouraged to be posted


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	I keep the troubleshooting faq on duplicate entries, would
anyone mind if I posted the info from this thread to drupal.org?  I can
change the IP address. (copying this to documentation list) 
	Wouldn't deleting user zero cause a lot more errors?
	On 11/7/06, Khalid B <kb at 2bits.com> wrote: 

		Check if you deleted user 0 from the users table by
		On 11/6/06, Florian Kriener < lists_drupal at leflo.de>
		> Hi,
		> I just found this in my logs. How could that be
		>    Duplicate entry '2056b9efb95f03187b8249001c5ae5fb'
for key 1 query: INSERT 
		>    INTO sessions (sid, uid, cache, hostname, session,
timestamp) VALUES
		>    ('2056b9efb95f03187b8249001c5ae5fb', 0, 0,
'', '', 1162786671)'
		>    in ,includes/database.mysql.inc' in Zeile 121. 

	16,000 scans and counting!

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