[development] Upload pictures directly from node (not from EDIT page)

Simon Lindsay simon at iseek.biz
Tue Nov 7 09:24:27 UTC 2006

Bèr Kessels wrote:
> The closest I got, is by using clipper and then render the attached nodes 
> with/in the theme. Clipper allows you to 'glue' nodes together (relations). 
> So It also allows you to clip an image to a story. Each story will then come 
> with a link 'add new image to this story'.

Has anybody put any effort into being able to import directly from .odt 
(openoffice) files? I was doing some screen shots in a howto doco for a 
customer the other day, and I saw a snippet on the net that the .odt 
files are actually just .zip files.

Simply rename them, and you can open them in and zip tool. I opened up 
my little doco, and sure enough, there was 7 .png images, and some other 
stuff, and an xml doc.

Could we massage one of the import modules to allow uploading a .odt 
file, taking the images contained within and creating image nodes from 
them, then linking in the appropriate place in the text? Blammo, quick 
uploading of largish documents, including images.

The XML looks a bit tricky (not that I know XML), but there would be php 
tools/ways to just grab the text, and the images were well indicated in 
the XML I looked at.

Any thoughts?


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