[development] RFC: mailing list/group for users of a given module?

Maciej Perlinski maciej.perlinski at meant4.com
Thu Nov 9 00:34:17 UTC 2006

Well we have developed Google Ajax Search module and i was thinking about
different approach,  I dont know if you had possibility to use whm, its web
host manager based on web front-end. They have a nice feature so people are
spread around the world but when they want to notify customers they have a
message just after you logged in. So maybe we should think about
new/separate module apart from project.module, googleajaxsearch.module etc.
to communicate with maintainers, if someone has the administrative rights we
can show him additional item in the menu see latest notes, comments
whatever, and maintainer will go there and see lates topics about all
modules he has installed, and can directly email current maintainer... thats
just the draft of idea. I was thinking about embedding the contact form
inside the setting subpage for google ajax search module but i found it far
inappropriate for the moment because that kind of action needs longer
discussion and infrastructure behind it.

Well as i have read todo for drupal 5 there supposed to be web based module
installer so maybe thats the place for the new tab to check latest news,
polls maybe [for the moment we are using poll on our dev site so users can
vote what they think about new feature]. 

kindest regards
Maciej Perlinski
maciej.perlinski at meant4.com
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Subject: [development] RFC: mailing list/group for users of a given module?

RFC: how can module maintainers try to communicate with users of their
modules and attempt to develop a community of active testers, documenters,
translators, and developers?


i think my favorite solution is a new type of group on groups.d.o for
"Module users" or something (needs a better name, but you get the idea), and
open the floodgates.  a few other alternatives discussed.

comments please...

-derek (dww)

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