[development] relationships API vs i18n

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Thu Nov 9 09:10:20 UTC 2006


The more I think about how the non-i18n Drupal world would benefit from 
i18n features comming into core (so how do we convince you with all the 
good stuff :) is that relations are perfect implementation candidates for 
node translation connection storage.

Previous discussion and implementation:

Create generalized relationship module

Relationship - Node linking and Metadata

Relationships & site structuring group

The RDF triple approach is a true and tried method to handling relations 
(see the existing module description). I would propose that we should 
include a small triple handler in core. This would be good for i18n and 
other modules to use, so we might get to a win-win situation. Contrib 
modules can extend on this triple handling with RDF generation and such.

Who is willing to work on relations for core? IMHO we should look into 
reimplementing the book module functionality first with this, since the 
book module interface is quirky as it is anyway. There the storage of 
weight might be a good question. While triple's don't allow you to store 
weights, the RDF representation allows for 'primary data' to be connected 
to the triple (rdf:value for those RDF-literate). This approach can be 
used to represent the weight IMHO.


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