[development] WTF? Droopel?

Kobus Myburgh ITBJDM at puknet.puk.ac.za
Thu Nov 9 13:22:49 UTC 2006

I noticed this shortly after I posted this (should teach me to read
better first)... but isn't such activity frowned upon?


>>> alex at 417.ro 11/9/2006 3:18 PM >>>
It says there: "Please note that this is /not/ the original page, but a

modified page, brought to you by The Voices of Many 
<http://www.thevoicesofmany.com/>. The original, unedited version as 
originally found on the Internet, can be found here

It's just a service which takes the original page and shows a modified

copy of it, on the fly. There are many sites who do this: turns the
into a sex website, puts a big poo in the middle etc.

Alexandru Badiu

Kobus Myburgh wrote:
> Have you seen this?

> Not sure if this is for entertainment only or any useful purpose,
> it had me a bit baffled about the motivation for doing so much
> Complete duplication of several of the support sites as well...
> Strange?
> Kobus

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