[development] WTF? Droopel?

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Thu Nov 9 16:56:35 UTC 2006

Kobus Myburgh wrote:
> I noticed this shortly after I posted this (should teach me to read
> better first)... but isn't such activity frowned upon?

Keep in mind that it's not something explicitly done by the maintainers 
of the site. You just hit their URL, and feed your destination URL into 
its CGI. Some sites use that technique to offer on-the-fly translation 
from one language to another, definitely a useful feature. Others feed 
it through classic 'silly filters' that have been floating around the 
new for years, like Pig Latin or Elmer Fudd or the Swedish Chef (from 
The Muppet Show.)

It's not really anything to worry about.


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