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alex at owal.co.uk alex at owal.co.uk
Fri Nov 10 16:29:19 UTC 2006

> At 1:15 AM -0800 11/10/06, Neil Drumm wrote:
>>I would currently consider any use of the words node, taxonomy, and term
>>in UI text to be bugs. These are post/content, categories, and category.
> I feel that is not true. Category is but one expression of taxonomy.
> Taxonomy is far more complex and powerful than a simple
> category/tagging system and calling it such is good. Talk to any
> information professional, such as librarians, and they will tell you
> that taxonomy is an important term/concept and drupal gets much
> credit for using that term instead of dumbing it down as "categories"
> I've had more than one opportunity to develop on drupal because the
> system is called "taxonomy" and therefor implies much more complex
> possibilities than if it was called tags or categories.

I've been looking at ontologies recently and think that taxonomy isnt
representative enough!

taxonomies are classes of things.

I recommend that anyone considering this looks at Wikipedia's page on


    * Individuals: the basic or "ground level" objects
    * Classes: sets, collections, or types of objects[1]
    * Attributes: properties, features, characteristics, or parameters
that objects can have and share
    * Relations: ways that objects can be related to one another

Now basically we have Individuals which are Drupal Nodes.
Classes are Drupal Taxonomy terms
Attributes are Flexinode fields, or metadata like "author" or CCK fields,

and Relations is the one thing which is missing!

If anyone (in the UK) is interested in implementing relations I'd consider
paying for it :-)


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