[development] Fundamental MySQL changes in Drupal 6 (six)

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Mon Nov 13 07:42:39 UTC 2006

On Sunday 12 November 2006 22:40, Karoly Negyesi wrote:
> > Out of curiosity, I know we discussed dropping 4.0 support for Drupal 5 a
> > while back on this list, and reasons were given not to.  Why the sudden
> > change for Drupal 6, and why was it discussed in IRC instead of on the
> > list?
> We discussed dropping 3.23 for D5 and we had an experiment with
> calc_found_rows and it proved to have no benefit. Hence there is no point
> in dropping that because there is nothing special 4.0 which we would use. I
> am not aware of any notion of dropping 4.0 for D5.

Nor am I.

> "Discussion" was I asked Dries whether he is OK with dropping 4.0 for D6
> and introducing subqueries. He said yes. That's all.
> If I bring it to the list then we get at least one very voicy whiner whose
> provider is still on MySQL 3.22 and can't deal with the fact that life goes
> on (about 3-4 days ago someone dared to file a critical patch because he
> found Drupal 5 does not work with his ISP's hacked apart Apache 1.2).
> Another merry band would not be able to deal with the fact that Drupal
> needs to run on a wide array of hosts and would demand jumping to 5.1 in
> the likely event that gets released before Drupal 6. I do not have time for
> this.

I asked a question, sheesh.  Chill. :-)  All I wanted to know was the 
reasoning behind the change, since none was provided in the original email.  
I don't think that's an unreasonable think to ask, given that Drupal 5's 
MySQL requirements were discussed here on the list.  If "by whenever Drupal 6 
is released the number of shared hosts running MySQL 4.0 instead of 4.1 
should probably be low enough that we can get away with it in return for 
subqueries" is the answer, then fine; please just say that.  (As I've said 
before, I have no idea what the current deployments are for MySQL 4.0 vs. 

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