[development] 4.7 status: Call for patch reviews

Karthik narakasura at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 14:18:27 UTC 2006

> 0) try to figure out if the report makes sense at all. If not: close or
> "wont't fix".
> 1) try to find out if the issue also applies to HEAD
> 1a) if it does, move it there (I am not sure whether it needs to by
> x.y.z, 5-dev, or 6-dev..., IMO there are two choices too many).
> 1b) if it doesn't say so on the issue.
> 4) indicate whether the patch solves the issue, re-roll if it doesn't
> apply anymore.
> > There are also nine pages of bug reports that should be sifted through:
> For bugs:
> 4) roll patch that fixes issue. :p

I would like to see a "port" category added to the project module..
alongside bug, task, feature etc. I believe this will make it easier
to ensure that fixes are backported/checked promptly and correctly.

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