[development] Is emailpage abandoned?

Darren Oh darrenoh at sidepotsinternational.com
Tue Nov 14 22:19:22 UTC 2006

>> No. I'll subscribe now. Most of the features seem to be duplicated in
>> the forward module. What do you think about switching the feature
>> requests from emailpage to forward?
> Mike (Budda) mentioned that on one of the issues so it may be worth  
> retiring
> the module. But if you do, you still need to think of the 1000s of  
> users
> using it. They'll need/want a migration path.
> Currently, I have two modules in this state. Paypal_framework is  
> superseded
> by lm_paypal module and Scheduler is superseded by Scheduled  
> Actions (and
> soon Workflow which I believe is going to get scheduled transitions  
> at some
> future point). So, I plan to retire these two. However, I have made  
> them
> Drupal-5 compatible for those that use them. However, as can be  
> seen by the
> announcement on the paypal_framework project page, the module is in  
> "end of
> life" mode which for me at the moment means "it'll get maintained to
> Drupal-6 at least". I'll make a decision nearer that time.
> On a side note, seems a lot of duplicity is creeping despite the best
> efforts of the cvs admins. That's two modules I'll retire thanks to  
> other
> modules. Not complaining, frees me up to do other things. But it's  
> a shame a
> module can't build a "fan base" and have them improved upon. Seems  
> to me the
> current fashion in module creatation is "that module nearly does  
> what I
> want, so to fill in the missing feature I'll..... yes.... write a  
> whole
> brand new one" ;)
> Anyway, more modules make it all look bigger ;)
> --AjK

As a user, I prefer fewer modules. I didn't know about the send and  
forward modules when I started looking at emailpage. emailpage is the  
most descriptive name, so it's the first thing I found. The more  
modules, the harder it is to find what I want.

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