[development] Is emailpage abandoned [not any more!]

AjK drupal at f2s.com
Wed Nov 15 01:55:10 UTC 2006

> No point in TLC if it is destined to be put down. Just put a notice that
> it is deprecated in favor of ....

Then just whack in the rewrite patch I did that makes it work as advertised
for 4.7 (the current offering tagged as DRUPAL-4-7) is totally broken. I
think others (zoo33 + others) have patches in the queue that either do the
same, or fix things. But if you want to deprive it of TLC then do the
minimum to at least make it work (the code is there already) and mark it's
project page with a nice message "Please use the Forward module for new
sites. Existing users should look to migrate to the Forward module asap, RIP
emailpage" ;)

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