[development] Download stats for October

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Thu Nov 16 10:11:43 UTC 2006

Dries Buytaert wrote:
> On 15 Nov 2006, at 23:30, Derek Wright wrote:
>>> Better yet would be to track downloads from within the project 
>>> module.  Then we can sort projects by number of downloads.
>> http://drupal.org/node/66015
>> http://drupal.org/node/52475
>> much easier to implement now with new release system.  either directly 
>> in the {project_release_nodes} table (new column called 
>> "num_downloads") or in a {project_release_downloads} (with 2 columns: 
>> nid, num), we could store the data in the DB.  we just need a cron job 
>> running on d.o to periodically take the raw download stats and update 
>> the DB correctly.
> And probably faster to implement than a parser for Awstats pages ... 

lynx -dump awstats.drupal-downloads.urldetail.html | grep  "^ 
\[[0-9]*\]/" | sed -e 's/\/pub\/drupal\/files\///' -e 's/^ 
*\[[0-9]*\]//' -e 's/projects\///' -e 's/\.tar\.gz//' -e '/^ [0-9]/d' | 
cut -d " " -f 1,2

(put on one line, about 5 minutes)

> Really, I think our time is best spent extending the project module.  We 
> get more bang for our efforts.

Project module's stats can't never be as exact as apache's.


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