[development] Preparing for 5.0 string freeze

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Thu Nov 16 20:54:55 UTC 2006

On Thu, 16 Nov 2006, Angela Byron wrote:
> For Drupal 6.x, "module.help" files are probably the way to go, and leave 
> hook_help to just little supplemental information about certain pages. Then 
> editing the documentation is just a matter of editing a text file, same as 
> INSTALL.txt. But let's open another thread to talk about future plans. ;)

OK, so go with patches for now, and we will see how we can improve the 
situation for 6.0.

>> My pet issue is that no contrib module should be mentioned in help texts 
>> (I will submit an issue later if noone does before me, I am just in a 
>> hurry, and unable to submit now). Location module is mentioned at some 
>> point in Drupal core. Since it is a contrib module to be installed, I 
>> don't think it is OK to mention it at all.
> Agreed there. I did a quick grep and couldn't find reference to Location 
> module, but if you find it please submit a patch to remove it.

Looked up my PO files. This was the offending piece, and our 
corresponding Hungarian translation :) Obviously there is no page.module 
anymore, so this problem is solved. The conclusion of this is that there 
should not be a mention of contrib modules like this because users 
obviously think that there should be a location and/or trackback module to 
be enabled, but it is nowhere to be found in Drupal core. This was also 
quite misleading because this remark could have been true for any node 
type for that matter, not only pages.

#: modules/page.module:18
msgid ""
"If the location module is enabled, then location specific "
"information can be added.  If the trackback module is "
"enabled trackbacks can be configured."
msgstr "<!--silly thing-->"


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