[development] A replacement for cron hook

Sammy Spets sammys-drupal at synerger.com
Tue Nov 21 12:22:14 UTC 2006

Hi Omar,

I've posted a feature request for schedule module with my wishlist. 
Others can add to that. :)



Sammy Spets
Synerger Pty Ltd

On 21-Nov-06 13:48, Omar Abdel-Wahab wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was in #drupal couple days ago chatting with dww and rDoughlass about  
> dbbackup and dba.
> The the discussion drifted to this point:
> Why not introduce a module that will allow both modules and users to add  
> scheduled tasks to Drupal.
> I mean, instead of every module adding its own logic to maintain a task  
> over a specific period/schedule, why not introduct module developer with a  
> new hook that will provide an array of scheduled functions to run. And  
> will also allow users to call some urls/function calls on scheduled basis.
> This won't replace or rewrite the functionality provided by Actions and  
> Workflow module or even do what schedule module does.
> It's a re-designed scheduler module that may replace cron.
> What do you all think?
> Omar

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