[development] RFC: letting modules phone home to check for new releases

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Wed Nov 22 02:41:37 UTC 2006

Darren Oh wrote:
> Why so many hostile reactions to Oswald's project? Read his message 
> again. He's not proposing a site that updates itself. He's promoting 
> automatic downloads and automatic uprades.

Where's the difference between "a sites that updates itself" and 
"automatic upgrades"? I can't spot any.

> An administrator could select 
> the modules to be installed or upgraded and it would happen automatically.
> What he asked for was collaboration on a system to detect which modules 
> have updates available.
> What he's working on is inevitable. Manual module installation and 
> upgrading creates many opportunities for inexperienced users to make 
> mistakes.

Inexperienced users shouldn't be running a public service such as a 
website. They should read and follow the docs and thus be no longer 


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