[development] RFC: Creating a Subscriptions API

Rob Barreca rob at electronicinsight.com
Wed Nov 22 05:38:36 UTC 2006

As the new-ish maintainer for Notify module I'd definitely like to have 
one solid subscription module (or, probably better a SubscribeAPI 
module...calling all Eatons :-) ) to avoid all this duplication (notify, 
subscription, subscriptions, et al).

This has been a desire of mine for a while, but lack of time has 
hampered that. Once Drupal 5 is out, I'm going to be porting Notify and 
will look into refactoring the code to properly implement a SubscribeAPI 
module so other modules can subscribe to...

1. nodes (i.e. by nid [say, for project issues], tid [forums], View [all 
new/update nodes in a particular view], uid [all Joe's content], type, 
3. taxonomy (i.e. newly added tags),
4. users (i.e. new user registrations).

But I'd like (and need) some help just with the initial direction from 
some big boys so this can get done right for D5/D6 as I'm not as great 
of a visionary as some on this list.

Recently on the list there was talk of a relationships API and I feel 
that SubscribeAPI could benefit from something similar so that we could 
have one table showing relationships between a subscriber uid and 
another node/node type/comment/vocabulary/term/view/uid/etc.


Rob Roy Barreca
Founder and COO
Electronic Insight Corporation
rob at electronicinsight.com

Dan Ziemecki wrote:
> I hate to say it, but I no longer have time to keep up with the bugs, 
> requests and upgrades for Subscriptions.  If anyone is interested in 
> taking over, please let me know.
> Thanks,
> -- 
> Dan Ziemecki

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