[development] How to update DRUPAL-4-7 from CVS?

Dave Cohen drupal at dave-cohen.com
Thu Nov 23 00:45:54 UTC 2006


I have a drupal install that I checked out of CVS some time ago, in the 4.7.3 
timeframe, I believe.  I'd like to update it to get something post 4.7.4.  
This is how I thought it should be done:

cvs update -r DRUPAL-4-7

Or some variant close to that.  But this causes a problem.  The problem is 
that leaves me with duplicates of drupal core modules.  For example in my 
modules directory, I get aggregator.module and aggregator/aggregator.module, 
block.module and block/block.module, and so on for all drupal modules which 
were once files but are now in their own directory.

I was under the impression these modules which sit in their own directory are 
DRUPAL-5 modules.  But if I understand CVS correctly (which is hard to do), 
those modules are also tagged DRUPAL-4-7.  Is this an accident or am I doing 
something wrong on my end?  Is there any way to update a DRUPAL-4-7 checkout 
without getting modules written for DRUPAL-5?

Note that I am not using this command:

cvs update -dPf -r DRUPAL-4-7

which I know would check out files added to DRUPAL-HEAD after DRUPAL-4-7.  I 
thought the earlier command would be a safe way to upgrade a DRUPAL-4-7, but 
I think some files have been accidentally tagged as DRUPAL-4-7 when they 
should not be.



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