[development] Module updater module

Angela Byron drupal-devel at webchick.net
Thu Nov 23 03:31:30 UTC 2006

On 22-Nov-06, at 4:55 AM, Sammy Spets wrote:

> I've gone and changed it around a little. Might not be what you want,
> but my itch has been scratched.
> It now presents a list of modules that aren't 5.0 compatible yet  
> (marked
> by the lack of a .info file). The modules can be anywhere in:
>  /modules
>  /sites/all/modules
>  /sites/<whatever is being used>/modules
> It presents a list of those modules and then reads the code from that
> module file. Nothing else has changed. It still displays the code  
> on the
> results page and you need to copy it.
> I'm thinking of making a downloadable copy of the resulting module  
> file
> as well.

Nice! This definitely makes it easier for people than the clunky  
thing I currently have. ;)

The only thing is that this "module_updater_get_module_list" function  
will need to change between versions. For 4.7.x -> 5.x there's an  
easy way to tell that modules aren't ported yet -- they lack info  
files. We will need to find a different trick to detect 6.x modules,  
and 7.x modules, and...

So maybe what I could do is switch it to a 3-step form:

1. "Select the version you want to convert to" ... Drupal 4.7.x =>  
5.x or 5.x => 6.x, or...
2. "Please choose the module you want to convert" ... foo, bar,  
baz... this page includes the module_updater_#x.inc file, calls its  
module_updater_get_module_list() function, and displays a list of  
modules that match.
3. The output that gets processed, and results are displayed.

I was thinking of generating .zip files of the module at the end, but  
the thing is that there are a lot of caveats and follow-ups that will  
be associated with this that need to be taken into consideration. For  
example, see the .info file generation or the drupal_mail converter.  
But I guess if we could display those and then the link to download  
it (saved in a temp file) that would work.

Hmmm. ;) wheels spinning.

Anyway, thanks again. I'll make sure I get this integrated in some form.


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