[development] Newbie with Drupal and Modules Development

Reynier Perez Mira rperezm at estudiantes.uci.cu
Thu Nov 23 19:36:55 UTC 2006

Hi Larry and thanks for your response:
Let me explain a little more. As I said before we want  to develop a module for upload files using FTP. What this module do? (in theory). 

1) Upload a file using via HTML form
2) Put the file inside a temporary folder 
3) When the admin login then they can check using "Directory" functions the content of the file
4) Even to the upload the file data as, for example, Title, Author, Date, File Path and some other stuff will be store in a temporary DB table
5) The admin agree with the documentation file or it can delete.

Understand now?
What I'm not know: How to develop the module? From where start? How I can build the menu and the admin access?
Anyway if this is not the correct list, then what is the subscribe address for the right list?
Thanks again
PS: Soury for my poor English
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On Thursday 23 November 2006 12:11, Reynier Perez Mira wrote:
> Hi to every in the Community:
> First of all let me tell to every that I'm newbie using Drupal and 
> developing modules for it. In my University me and a groups of student 
> start to using Drupal for a Web Portal but we need some additional 
> functionalities like documentation management. This special module 
> have in the first version this: * Allow users to upload every kind of 
> files, maybe we need filter the .doc, .pdf, .zip and .tar.gz files * 
> This files need to be upload to a FTP Server
> * Allow administrators admin (approve, edit info, delete) the files 
> from the FTP So, because I'm the Team Manager I need some information 
> about how to develop modules (if is in Spanish better). I read some 
> tutorials in the Drupal site but some stuff are not clear for me like 
> permissions, access, menu, integrate admin and users and some others. 
> Cheers, thanks in advance and waiting for your reply

Drupal can't track files uploaded via FTP independently of Drupal.  It has no way of knowing they're there.  However, if web-based upload is OK for you, then there are, I believe, at least 2 "files as nodes" modules availabe in contrib.  Simply set the default publishing state for the node to "in moderation queue, not published", and then you can use the usual node moderation options to allow admins to approve or delete pending nodes.

This is more of a support question than a devel question, though, so I'm copying this over to the support list.  Please reply there.  Thanks.

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