[development] RSS feeds for CVS: time for a breakup

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Mon Nov 27 01:44:13 UTC 2006

Well, not really "a breakup",  but time to break them up.

Here is the background:

In the beginning, there was only a handful of developers, and things were
good. Only three committers to core were present, and commits for core were
few and far between.

Then more core  committers were added, for past branch,  present one, and

As well, more CVS committers were added, and a deluge of themes, modules and
translations ensured.

If someone is busy for a week, and comes back, there is no way to catch up.

So, is it time to break the CVS messages  into: core, modules, themes, and

This would make the lists more granular, and help with the information
overload situation ...

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