[development] The new menu system

Steven Wittens steven at acko.net
Tue Oct 3 13:23:30 UTC 2006

Op 29-sep-06, om 09:06 heeft Dries Buytaert het volgende geschreven:

> On 29 Sep 2006, at 04:55, Larry Garfield wrote:
>> I also agree with Kahlid that we should use something other than %  
>> for
>> simplicity.  *, ?, #, there's plenty of other characters we can  
>> use that
>> wouldn't make the SQL uglier.
> I don't care about the wildcard character.  We are already using %  
> in some place so I'd optimize for speed.

The wildcard choice does have an effect. There is a problem if a  
module wants to define a path with a percentage character in it. This  
can happen for example if you search for "some % search string", the  
resulting path is "search/node/some % search string". The only  
solution would be to remove % signs from the path. This is not a  
problem in search (it is considered a garbage character), but it  
might be elsewhere (pathauto).

However, we only allow full wildcards, i.E. where an entire argument  
is "%", so this problem is not too big. We just need to be aware of it.

Note that this has nothing to do with the "%XX" urlencoding escape.  
Urlencoding is only applied when outputting the menu path as a url  
(e.g. when we add base_path() and ?q=), and it is also decoded before  
PHP passes the data into $_GET.


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