[development] new CVS branch/tag conventions (was Re: tagadelic 'backport' for 4.7)

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Wed Oct 4 07:52:03 UTC 2006

On Oct 3, 2006, at 10:56 PM, Dries Buytaert wrote:
> On 10/3/06, Derek Wright <drupal at dwwright.net> wrote:
>> i think we're pretty much decided on that naming
>> convention (-- as the delimiter between the core API branch and the
>> contrib module's major revision number)
> I'm OK with that, if things are set in stone.

well, that's the question...  at the talk i gave at drupalcon (http:// 
drupal.org/node/86694), everyone hated using an underscore '_' for  
this.  e.g.:

"DRUPAL-4-7_1" as the 1st development branch compatible with 4.7.x, and
"DRUPAL-4-7_1-0" as the 4.7.x-1.0 release tag

there were a few alternatives proposed during the discussion for a  
different delimiter than '_', such as '-V-', '-R-', '-REV-', etc.

at barcamp, when i had a chance to speak to dries about it, he  
suggested (and i like) just using '--'.  so, here are the viable  
contenders for branch and tag names:

1) "DRUPAL-4-7--1" and "DRUPAL-4-7--1-0"

2) "DRUPAL-4-7-V-1" and "DRUPAL-4-7-V-1-0"

3) "DRUPAL-4-7-R-1" and "DRUPAL-4-7-R-1-0"

4) "DRUPAL-4-7-REV-1" and "DRUPAL-4-7-REV-1-0"

5) "DRUPAL-4-7_1" and "DRUPAL-4-7_1-0"  (just for comparison, this  
isn't a contender)

this is your last chance to object to #1 being what we use.  if  
anyone strongly protests (with a better suggestion), please speak up  
now or forever hold your peace.  i don't want any sniveling  
complaints about this in 3 weeks when it's all live and you have to  
start using it, since it'll be too late to change at that point.


p.s. aside from this detail about the delimiter, for a pretty  
thorough but concise summary of how the new release system will work,  
you should read the 1-page handout i passed out at the druaplcon talk:
again, speak now, or love every bit of it and forever shut-up about  
your complaints. ;)

<span class="dww-anal">
p.p.s. it doesn't *really* matter, but if a module's version number  
is "4.7.x-1.0", the "4.7.x" part is clearly the API-compatibility  
version.  the "0" is obviously the patch level.  what should we call  
the "1"?  is that the major revision or the minor revision?  in my  
email quoted above, i called it "major", but does it make more sense  
to refer to this as the "minor" revision, and think of the API- 
compatibility stuff as the "major" revision?  just curious what folks  
think, if anyone else actually cares about this. ;)

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