[development] new CVS branch/tag conventions (was Re: tagadelic 'backport' for 4.7)

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Wed Oct 4 20:25:21 UTC 2006

On Wed, 4 Oct 2006, Gary Feldman wrote:
> I must be missing something simple.  Why isn't DRUPAL-4-7 adequate for the 
> branch?  Since there's no expectation of a release, all 4.7 
> development ought to be on a single branch. 
> Or is this a result of the idea that DRUPAL-4-7--1 is really going to become 
> either 4.8 or 5.0, but since we don't know yet, it's being called 
> DRUPAL-4-7--1?  If that's the case, then why is it necessary to have a number 
> there (since again, there won't be more than one), so that it could be 
> DRUPAL-4-7-NEXT?  (Yes, I've asked something similar before, but still 
> haven't seen an explanation of why this wouldn't work.)

Yes, Gary you are missing that we are talking about *contributions*. A 
contrib module could have vastly improved new releases even though Drupal 
has no new release yet. This is why a contrib module could need more 
releases in the 4.7.x or 5.x space, and this is why it would need 
possible branches in this space.


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