[development] Module retirement?

AjK drupal at f2s.com
Fri Oct 6 22:12:15 UTC 2006

Hi All,

Quick(ish) question. I've recently taken over the Paypal_Framework (PPF)
module from Jeff. Having looked over it, it's apparent it needs some hefty
updating in the database schema department, mainly due to the fact the
Paypal IPN specification has moved on a lot and the module hasn't.

Anyway, cut to the chase. Lee McLoughlin (http://drupal.org/user/36398) has
been working on an alternate Paypal system that clearly supersedes the
current PPF module in terms of both functionality and compliance with the
Paypal IPN specification. Lee recently got contrib CVS access and will be
putting this module up for all to use (currently published on his own site
at http://lmmrtech.com/lm_paypal_module_for_drupal).

As Gerhard so often tries, with granting CVS access, to avoid duplication I
too also take this view. But what's the developers community view on
suggesting that such a long standing module advertises "Retiring, see ....
module" on it's project page? It's hard to gauge a modules popularity but I
can imagine that this particular module may be widely used (esp. given two
other module, both lacking in TLC themselves).

On a related note, I also maintain Janode, a "knock together" for something
I needed at the time. Given CCK is on it's way to Core and it has a weblinks
type, this is another class of module that really ought to retire and my
time spent providing feature patches to the later if I want some
functionality. Again, how wide spread is your module? The only real way I
can consider finding out is putting a notice on the project page and asking
the user community to place issues on an intended module retirement for
their feedback/comments (now is a good time to do this to catch users coming
to get Drupal 5 versions of a module). All my modules are Drupal 5 ready
(except PPF) but should they continue given serious duplication exists?

Right now I'm spending my free time reviewing patches and providing patches
for Core to help move along the Drupal 5 release process. But, as time
starts to free up somewhat, I'd rather be spending my time doing feature
work on other stuff (or brand new work for things that just don't exist)
than competing with them (esp. Core related things like CCK/weblinks).

I don't want to ditch/retire a module on a whim but to sum up: what's a
responsible position, as a module maintainer, to take where obvious (big)
duplication is starting given you can see a better route (but may not be so
good a route for the user community)?


(sorry, it wasn't so "quickish" at all and if replying please <snip> it
where appropriate)

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