[development] Contributions: remove LICENSE.txt

Gary Feldman dpal_gaf_devel at marsdome.com
Mon Oct 9 06:02:15 UTC 2006

Dries Buytaert wrote:
> Hello world,
> the package script at drupal.org automatically includes a LICENSE.txt 
> when packaging your modules.  As explained in the CVS guidelines, it 
> is not necessary to add a LICENSE.txt to CVS.  It just takes up disk 
> space, and more importantly, bandwidth.  Please remove LICENSE.txt 
> files from your contributed projects.  Thanks.
 From a legal perspective, this seems wrong.  The implication is that 
the license only applies to the packaged bundles, and not to source code 
downloaded directly from CVS. 

This wouldn't be an issue if each file had a copyright notice and a 
reference to the license, which is the best solution.  In the absence of 
such notices, the omission of the license from the CVS package directory 
seems penny wise and pound foolish.  (The whole issue of copyright 
ownership is another can of worms.  I suggest checking the FAQ on why 
FSF requires that copyright ownership be transferred to them for their 
projects, at 
http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html#TOCAssignCopyright.  Drupal 
should be doing the same.)


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