[development] What is the similiar Joomla-Mambot in Drupal?

Richard Morse remorse at partners.org
Thu Oct 12 17:31:52 UTC 2006

On Oct 11, 2006, at 10:03 PM, Drupal Indonesia wrote:

> I want to extend blogger.module with blogheader feature. What do I  
> need is something like mambot in Joomla. The mambot can add on  
> before/after a page.
> So, when use click on http://localhost/drupal/blog/2 then the  
> Blogheader (this is a new field on the user profiles) will be  
> displayed on the top of this blog page.
> I need any doc or link that can help me doing this task in Drupal.  
> Better if oen can show me any Drupal module that work like mambot.

Hi!  I'm guessing that you want to allow users to create a header --  
certain text that will always show up at the top of a blog posting.

To allow the user to be able to set the header, you want to look at  
hook_user().  This will allow you to declare an item to be added to  
the user account screen, which they can then enter their header in.   
You could, I suppose, also use the profile.module for this, but it  
would be more general to provide your own interface.

Once you've got the data saved somehow, you need to work on  
displaying it.  Someone else suggested using blocks -- this would be  
implementing hook_block(), having it return a block which displays  
the header text, and then setting up the block to be at the top of  
the content for blog pages.

If you would rather force all blog posts to have the header text from  
your module, rather than requiring set up via blocks, you would want  
to look at hook_nodeapi($op == 'view') (and probably $op == 'load' as  
well).  This will allow you to modify $node->body and add in your data.


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