[development] Usability: module idea

Nathaniel Catchpole NCatchpole at brookehouse.ac.uk
Mon Oct 16 10:52:46 UTC 2006

The drupal module already carries an option for sending module install (and other?) information to drupal.org, and is disabled by default - could it be associated with that?


>If a module like this makes it into core for 5.0 beta, then my number
>one concern is that it be disabled by default. Users can enable it if
>they wish to, and they should be encouraged to do so (e.g. through an
>announcement on the front page of drupal.org). By forcing users to
>choose to enable the module, we will receive a much higher proportion
>of real feedback (as opposed to blind-dumb-deaf feedback, or even
>automated spam feedback). We will also be upholding Drupal's
>reputation as an app that respects the privacy of its users, and that
>doesn't try and force them to disclose information.

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