[development] Slight API change in 4.6.10 and 4.7.4

Darrel O'Pry dopry at thing.net
Thu Oct 19 22:02:29 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-10-19 at 17:25 -0400, Moshe Weitzman wrote:
> > dopry at bbox:~/public_html/drupal-4-7/public_html/sites/default/modules$
> > cat */*.module */*.inc | wc
> >   15672   55392  508132
> > 
> > You mean browse through 15K lines of code? It's crazy to expect that of
> > a site administrator. Remember we are developing for non-developers.
> and then you demand that the security team review all of contrib and find 
> affected modules and notify those maintainers and track progress? perhaps 
> you can tell us how many lines of code that is.

  I think asking a site administrator to dig through code is completely
different than asking a developer who wrote a core patch to dig through
code. Its an apples to oranges situation.

  How much review does a patch in the issue queue that changes an api
have to go through to get committed? How many related details are
brought up on average?

  It should be rare that any security update changes an API. If we do
change an API it should be done with care. Major versions aren't
released without a fair amount of contributed modules being up to date.
Should it be any different for a security update?

  Will Drupal 5 be slammed out without someone seeing which contrib
modules have be converted? I seem to remember both in the 4.6 and 4.7
release cycle, more so in 4.7 with FAPI, quiet a bit of concern about
the state of contrib...

and just to be a total smartypants... 

dopry at bbox:~/src/cvs/contrib-4.7/modules$ cat */*.module */*.inc | wc
about 20 times as many lines as on my dev site..

and a quicklist of potentially affected modules in my 4-7 checkout...
dopry at bbox:~/src/cvs/contrib-4.7/modules$ grep '<form' */*.module

chatbox/chatbox.module            	-Darren Oh       
flashcard/flashcard.module		-suuch
flash_filter/flash_filter.module	-tomsys	
g2/g2.module				-fgm		
image_pub/image_pub.module		-pangloss
imce/imce.module			-ufku		
mlist/mlist.module			-peterjohnhartmann
typecheck/typecheck.module		-suuch
userlink/userlink.module		-marcp
webform/webform.module			-ullgren
weight/weight.module			-jjeff
disknode/disknode.info.tpl.inc		-elmuerte
family/import.inc			-Sam Wilson
securesite/securesite.inc		-Darren Oh
webcam/webcam_popup_window.inc		-flow at www.my-flow.com

and I took the time to dig up the drupal usernames of the projects
maintainers maintainers.

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