[development] Incorporate RoleAssign module into User module?

Mark Hope mark at markhope.net
Fri Oct 20 07:33:13 UTC 2006

> "Mark Hope" wrote:
>> I support the idea.
>> I wasn't aware of the module - I'll take a look as I'm delegating 
>> that task
>> right now.

> I would say that the description you provided [*] does _not_ make 
> complete
> sense to me.  The author over-uses the words "user", which have 
> different
> meanings, at different times, in the description and in the 
> administration
> of Drupal.

> How are you doing this without the use of the module, which you've 
> never
> heard of?  Is there some other module or feature which is allowing you 
> to
> assign a "role assignment" permission to your users?
> -- 
> inkfree

Exactly. I am doing this without the module.

I needed to assign a new role, which I called 'User Admin' and set 
privileges to only allow adding and editing of users. Not only does 
this add a 'users' menu item but a 'access control' menu item. 
Fortunately the user I was assigning this role to is competent and 
trustworthy colleague, so a "Please don't mess with the access control" 
was enough. I thought it very strange that this wasn't part of core 
anyway. so...

- I support the "idea"
- Makes complete sense to me. (in the context of supporting the idea 
because the idea makes _complete sense_ to me)


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