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Mon Oct 23 07:26:48 UTC 2006


Steven Peck wrote:
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>> Hi,
>> Khalid B wrote:
>>> Of course it is the entire repository.
>> hmm. But I find this quite shocking that I have contributed the most 
>> lines of code, by a significant number of lines.
>> Also remember that Dries, Steven, Kjartan, Drumm and kills are 
>> committing code that they did not write in the form of 
>> patches supplied 
>> by other people. I know I do this too with EC, but not as 
>> much as them.
> Yes, but they are also reviewing, testing, giving feedback and direction
> as well and that's not necessarily measured in strictly counting code. 

Yes, I know they do a lot more that just commit code, for which we are 
all thankful for.

I actually worked it out. Many years ago I use to keep a copy of 
HTMLArea in the repository, and I think this inflated my figures. This 
also explain why I develop in js instead of php.

It would be nice if all those commits could be removed from the repos 
and then rerun the stats, so I could see where abouts I really am.


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