[development] Default core theme

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Tue Oct 24 02:22:17 UTC 2006

Good theme for sure.

Here are some areas for improvement:

- I think a bi-color branding would be better than the all blue we have now.
Things that go well with blues is orange and gold in the proper proportions.
For example baheyeldin.com uses them very well (IMHO).

- The square edges are a bit "harsh". I mean the ones that appear to be
the superimposition of the centre column with the header. If these are
rounded up a bit, the theme would go a long way in being more contemporary
looking.  The same goes for the points of Dinos and Bunnies: they can
be less "harsh", although that is less so than the other squarish edges.

- Theming of form elements go a long way in making the theme really stand
out. Farsheed's theme made strides in this area. Perhaps some of that can
be done.

Good work Steven, and thanks for all the others. As I said before, picking one
theme for 5.0 core should not stop you from contributing your theme for 5.0
and even 4.7. We the variety, and your efforts are appreciated. Please share
what you created so far.

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