[development] More than one thread per list (was Re: Drupal Modules and Linux Distros)

Michelle Cox mcox at charter.net
Wed Oct 25 20:44:32 UTC 2006

Note: I changed the topic so I don't derail the distro thread with this

Moshe said:
> It is sad to see this discussion side-tracked.  The purpose of this 
> discussion is NOT to debate why packagers exist (that is not what  Seemant 
> asked for), but to figure out how we can better cooperate.   The world 
> doesn't care about your opinion about packagers; whatever  it is you think 
> about them, they are not going to go away.  So if  you're not going to 
> help make Drupal better for packagers, don't  add noise to the discussion 
> either.  It would be a waste of time  and bits.  Thanks.

Michelle said:
 > This isn't a sidetrack; it's an important point. If the current
project descriptions will be overwritten by the .info files, then
there's no
 > point spending time now cleaning up the text itself. There's still
tagging needing to be done, but I don't want to be changing the ?
 > project description if it's all getting wiped out soon.

Jonathan said:
>It's a good point, but it really is sidetracked from the original  request. 
>Also, you're directly ignoring Dries' polite request not to  add noise to 
>the discussion (I'm not singling you out personally).   This point should 
>be a separate thread.

Excuse me? I did no such thing. This email you are quoting is from my 
"Documenting contribs" thread and has nothing to do with the linux distros. 
I certainly hope you're not suggesting the dev list be confined to one 
discussion thread at a time. I seriously doubt that's what Dries had in mind 
with his request.


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