[development] Default core theme

sime info at urbits.com
Wed Oct 25 21:08:44 UTC 2006

Thomas Barregren wrote:

> Morbus Iff skrev:
>> Then again, I'm of the position that a properly built tabled layout 
>> CAN be semantic. That's a long ass discussion for another day though ;)
> There is no need for "a long ass discussion". It follows immediately 
> by simple logic that you are wrong. :-) By definition <table> should 
> only be used for tables. So therefore, if you use <table> for other 
> purposes, it isn't semantic. By /modus tollens/ it follows that a 
> table based layout can't be semantic correct. If you claim otherwise, 
> please tell me where the logic fall short.
> Regards,
> Thomas
I also use a table to change a light bulb. This is a useless discussion, 
there are groups for this.

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