[development] Counting .info files [Was: Documenting contribs]

Michelle Cox mcox at charter.net
Thu Oct 26 01:28:32 UTC 2006

On 10/25/2006 7:52:03 PM, Chris Kennedy (chrisken at mail.utexas.edu) wrote:
> Back to the original topic, I recommend that any project description
> revisions be conducted as informal "reviews" that are posted to the
> module's
> issue queue and can then be accepted, rejected, or modified by
> the maintainer. This preserves the
> contributors' autonomy while
> encouraging quality improvements. I do agree that the module
> descriptions are often of poor quality.

I gotta be honest here.. If I need to file and monitor an issue for every 
little change, I'm unvolunteering. That's entirely too much work.

I went ahead and started this about an hour ago, starting at Z and working 
my way up. I made sure revisions was checked and notified the author of the 
one I made fairly substantial formatting changes to. If someone doesn't like 
what I've done, they can always revert it. Mostly all I'm doing is adding a 
break tag and maybe moving things around just a bit so the new teaser makes 
sense. I'm not completely rewriting their descriptions unless I find one 
that's just horrible and then I'll talk to the maintainer first.


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