[development] Counting .info files [Was: Documenting contribs]

Thomas Barregren thomas at webbredaktoren.se
Thu Oct 26 09:28:57 UTC 2006

inkfree press wrote:
> It's called editing, and it's quite reasonable to expect that one's writing,
> when published to a distribution system, might be edited for clarity,
> consistency and style -- without any need to "tell you in advance", have an
> argument over grammar versus personal preference, or any other such thing.

It's called wiki wiki and is a good thing. :-)

> I agree with Michelle about filing issues in the queue for simple edits to
> teasers/descriptions: no way, Jose.


> If a maintainer follows up on her or his project page then they will be
> quick to notice editorial or style changes.  If they strongly wish to undo
> that editing work, then there isn't any real mechanism to keep them from
> simply undoing it.

If we are encouraging people to edit each others module description (or 
handbook pages for that matter), I would very much like to see an 
opportunity to register for an e-mail upon change, very much like how it 
works on Wikipedia. In that way, a maintainer (or any other interested) 
would automatically be informed every time a change is made. That is 
particularly important to make it possible to see small changes which 
otherwise could go undetected for a long period of time. I also would 
like to see reversion management of the pages, again very much like how 
it works on Wikipedia. What do you other guys say?

> Maintainers should be overjoyed that someone will improve their description
> and help break the "I made it so I understand it perfectly" assumptions
> which tend to creep into self-written documentation as well as generally
> spruce up the copy.
I agree. I was grateful when "inkfree press" gave constructive criticism 
on my writing <http://drupal.org/project/roleassign>. And I am grateful 
to Michelle for her effort.


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