[development] Counting .info files [Was: Documenting contribs]

Michelle Cox mcox at charter.net
Thu Oct 26 20:05:46 UTC 2006

On 10/26/2006 2:24:01 PM, Thomas Barregren (thomas at webbredaktoren.se) wrote:
> Ok. It was just wishful thinking. :-)

Nothing wrong with wishes. Having projects notify their maintainers when 
their descriptions are changed is actually a pretty decent feature request. 
I suggest filing an issue so the idea doesn't get lost in the archives.

> I can understand that [not manually notifying every little change]. The 
> purpose with my original post on this subject
> was actually to express my approval of your work.

Thanks :)

> I may have misunderstood the terminology here. But since we were talking
> about module description, I thought maintainer meant the maintainer of
> the module. I am the maintainer of RoleAssign
> <http://drupal.org/project/roleassign>, but I havn't access to previous
> versions of the description I have written.

I guess you need site maintainer access to view revisions. Unfortunately 
Drupal's permissions aren't very fine grained so I don't think it's possible 
to give module maintainers access without getting it across the site. But 
there are revisions there behind the scenes, so all you need to do is ask if 
you want something reverted. A bit of a PITA, I know, but best I can suggest 
with the current infrastructure.

General FYI - If your module (haven't got that far yet) has a decent 
description with no more than a few lines before the <!--break--> tag, and 
is tagged with the appropriate category(ies), it's unlikely to be messed 
with anyway. :)


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