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Omar Abdel-Wahab owahab at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 08:57:30 UTC 2006

I know this could be super late but I just wanted to say it.

Nice job really from everyone, I liked the theme really much since you
started talking about it in the mailing list, I was just too busy to give
more eyeballs.

Now that I did, I've some notes on the demo I seen on http://istyledthis.nl/and
http://www.xcite-online.de/drupal :

1. Resizing the browser to a certain size will make the page vertically
scrollable, not only this but the background for the right bar ends before
the right bar itself ends, I think this is due to giving a DIV in the top
area 100% width and it's the background image carrier. I think the
background image might be split between multiple layers.
2. When viewed in Lynx or in Firefox with styles disabled, all page content
appear with no spaces between which makes it hard to differentiate between
blocks, this can be fixed easily putting few line breaks here and there.
3. If it's not now so when are we going to style buttons and input elements?
A background image for buttons will make buttons shiny and really different
and a hover for input elements in a la Mozilla style will make up the theme.
4. The page looks really great in the upper part, scroll down and you'll
really lose it. This means that any long page will look ugly. I'd like to
see the white lines between the content and the right and left bars to
continue until the bottom.
5. The theme imports about 6-7 CSS files which means way much CSS files,
this has effects on connections made per single page request.
6. It's really awesome, it's the best theme I've ever seen for Drupal.

Hope this wasn't too much.
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