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Mon Sep 4 09:25:04 UTC 2006

Frando (Franz Heinzmann) wrote:
> Hmm,
> I've maybe used the wrong words to say what I intended to say ...
> All you points seem to be quite logical, and they probably apply in some 
> way for web development in general.
> However, even if the web frameworks that claim to be MVC (RoR, CakePHP 
> and many others) actually implement the MVC pattern only partially or 
> even wrong, it is IMO still valid that, wether it is "true" MVC or not, 
> these frameworks offer a great way of developing web applications.

I can only speak for RoR as I have not tried CakePHP.  RoR confesses to 
the close tie between controller and view, they are both implemented in 
the same subsystem (Action Pack).  RoR does manage to separate the 
controller and view code but the close link shows through in that 
variables created by the controller also exist in the view.  The model 
is totally separate.

It is worth taking a look at Ruby on Rails as it does deliver on its 
promises to make web development faster and put the fun back into web 
programming.  I am sure that Drupal could learn from RoR, but that 
doesn't mean that it would be sensible to copy everything.  RoR is a a 
framework for creating web applications and is a layer below Drupal 
which is a framework for creating content managed websites with some web 
application stuff as well.  That web application code generally works 
with content so the API is to the CMS content rather than directly to a 

RoR is also heavily reliant on the Ruby language so it cannot be 
replicated in all its glory on PHP anyway.

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