[development] more on the new state

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Tue Sep 5 10:10:28 UTC 2006

So, when a patch is reviewed for functionality but is not clear whether we  
want it in Drupal or not, it sometimes stalls.

The new state would serve two purposes: the Drupal "elders", whose opinion  
matters a lot, would know that here a full patch review is not needed  
hence they can spend a lot less time with the patch but still move it  
forward. Also, on the other end of the scale, someone with little patch  
review experience but a good insight on the topic in question (like , do  
we want a Content-Length: 0 header? this is not a question which requires  
Drupal knowledge) could provide that insight, once again pushing the patch  



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