[development] node type without a title?

fago nuppla at zites.net
Thu Sep 7 18:49:30 UTC 2006

> I have made nodes where I hid the title and autogenerated it from other
> metadata: "feedback on $foo by $bar", or "microcontent: site mission", or
> "%username's personal profile". etceteras.
> All are unique identifiers, but none are form fields. Most make no sense at
> all to store in the database either, because all of these can be build on
> _view or on _load perfectly fine.

I've written a small module, which automatically generates a title:

> Concluding:
> Titles should be optional at all costs. Titles do not need to be stored in
> the database as single entity. Unique identifier (wich may be represented in
> $node->title, if that makes backwards compatibility simpler) is required.

I agree that storing titles in the database isn't necessary. Just have
the possibilty to define the title per content type (for showing links
in the admin interface.). Perhaps a new node hook would do it, so that
links to nodes could be generated without doing a full node_load().


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