[development] New Core Theme for 5.0

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Tue Sep 12 15:19:33 UTC 2006

inkfree press wrote:
> Or, rather, you could make options more clear to the viewer.  You actually
> point out a common "techie" problem: Tech folks often get a bit ruffled when
> the viewer doesn't see all the bells and whistles they've added.

Pay attention. See below.

> Instead of shooting the messenger, take the time to be more clear about what
> you wish to have reviewed.  If you want people to take note of both Option A
> and Option B, then state so.

Pay attention, see below.

> Earl, you're personally invested in this theme, so your emotional response
> can be understood.  However, precisely _because_ you are personally
> invested, it's very easy for you to forget that not everyone is.

Actually, I am not. If you take a look at the thread, I'm just a 
commentator, same as anyone else. I've done 0 work, I happen to like the 
theme and the idea.

> If you (or others) want to build in options, or have them reviewed, then
> make them clear and don't shoot the messenger.  

> Perhaps you should take (-1) steps back from the emotional connection you
> feel for this so-so theme and just get on with making it better, 

You tell me I'm having an emotional response, and direct this entire 
message at me as though I'm the author of the theme? That's pretty 
funny. You accuse me of shooting the messenger, and yet all I'm doing is 
correcting Morbus - AGAIN - which, I will point out, is done in very 
much the style that Morbus would have done it to me.

So, next time you wish to be mean to me on the list, I humbly request 
that choose things I've actually said to be mean about. There are plenty 
of things I do and say that are worthy of attacking, this one just 
happens to not be one of them, since, and I want to make this abundantly 
clear since apparently it's not at all obvious:

I have Nothing To Do With This Theme. I just happen to kind of like it.

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