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Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Wed Sep 13 10:58:00 UTC 2006

Op woensdag 6 september 2006 21:22, schreef adrian rossouw:
> There are at least a dozen MAJOR concerns this will allow us to  
> cleanly and consistently resolve,
> and many dozens more new features we will be able to implement  
> because of a system like this.

API^2 or the CGB (collective gangbang) sounds wonderfull... but...

Why use Drupal as the base? Why use PHP? Why start off with a system that has 
a long history which stands in the way of such huge changes? Why use a 
programming language that is known for its horrible support of true 

Yes, what I am saying is: a proper[1] from-scratch-development instead of 
hacking stuff into something (Drupal) that was never meant to carry all such 
high-level technical systems. Drupal is designed to be *simple* (not using 
OO, convention over configuration, simple apis) adding complex stuff to 
it, "just doesn't fit".

To me all this FAPI/API2 feels like bolting a Jet-engine, Fly-by-wire-controls 
and all that, to that bycicle which has been perfect to do the shopping with!
If we need more then getting our grocery, then we should not add a jet-engine 
to the bike, nor add complex controls, instead we'd best get ourself that 
plane we really need. A bike never makes a good plane, and a plane is not 
very suitable for your daily groceries.


[1] meaning: start off with a good DB-architecture design, design all the 
object-relation mappings, add a pinch of modularity, boil it in the 
collective-cooker, and serve it with a fresh sauce.

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